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Why Are Annual Wellness Exams Important?

Annual wellness exams are critical in preserving good health and preventing or managing chronic disease.

You may feel perfectly healthy, and that’s a good thing, but it’s still important to visit a professional for annual wellness exams. Annual wellness exams focus on disease prevention. Nightwater Health creates personalized health plans to address any health concerns and help you feel your best. These visits can catch health issues like Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, conditions that don’t typically cause symptoms until they’ve caused serious complications.

These visits are also a time to update your medical records, share health goals for the year ahead, and close any gaps in care. You’ll create a stronger connection with your care provider, so you’ll feel more at ease in reaching out when you need medical help.

What happens during annual wellness exams?

An annual wellness exam includes a review of your medical history and family medical history. The team may also ask about lifestyle habits and any symptoms you’re currently experiencing.

These exams are also a time to schedule routine screening tests, like blood sugar and cholesterol measures. Depending on your age and season of life, the team may also recommend a mammogram, Pap smear, prostate screening, or colonoscopy.

Preventive screenings help identify diseases in their earliest stages when they’re most treatable. Discussion of your lifestyle, including diet, exercise, substance use, and sleep habits, help the team optimize your practices and prevent the development of chronic disease.

If you have a chronic condition, annual wellness exams are an excellent time to see how your treatment plan is going and if it needs any adjustments.

Do annual wellness exams include a physical exam?

When you come to Nightwater Health for an annual wellness exam, you undergo a comprehensive physical exam. It starts with a technician measuring your blood pressure, weight, heart rate, height, and oxygen saturation levels.

Your physician looks at the quality of your skin and your muscle tone, listens to your heart and lungs, and evaluates your eyes, ears, and nose. They check your thyroid gland for enlargement, palpates your abdomen, and tests your reflexes.

You may need additional testing if the team finds anything on your screening test results.

Schedule your annual wellness exam at Nightwater Health. Call the office or book online today.

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