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Core Primary Care

Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Arthritis, COPD and Obesity. Evaluation of complex conditions with affiliations with top local regional health systems for specialists, referrals and treatments or evaluations. 

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Controlled, specialty care for women's health concerns, pre-conception counseling, gestational diabetes, and general gynecology. 

Regional Specialists and National Networks 

We connect to the best regional systems in the area to ensure our patients get the top specialist care in a timely fashion with peer to peer reports that ensure your health history and plan are properly continued from provider to provider or center to center. And we connect through the Nightwater Medical Center as a national hub for continuity of care across the country if you travel or move or need highly specialized care at national centers of excellence.

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Diet and Fitness

What it takes to be healthy and fit while taking medications to bridge the gap between change and results. 

Mental and Physical Health

Arthritis, Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Chronic Depression impact our lives in many ways. We have a comprehensive program for supporting your functional capacity, both mentally and physically to optimize your lifestyle. 

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Video Consultation

Stay connected

Telemedicine and office exams available for patient convenience.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Blood Pressure readings sent directly to your Doctor, modern patient care.

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